We are the leading company in this field,

  • We use world class engineering & technology to offer our customers low cost injection molds with high performance.

The goal of our company is to provide services in the design and production of various molds for different industries based on the knowledge and experience of 15 year old managers and equipment recognition.

MPTE Co specializes in design and manufacture of injection moulds for production of highly precise medical parts. We have experience on large scale production of medical components such as syringe parts using hot runner systems.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, our high precision parts supplied to all over country.

Our customers can rely on us in the field of mold making and manufacturing parts, and we stand for a competent design of mold that guarantees effortless and straight forward production.

Using latest High-Tech measurements devices, machine tools and machining procedures permit us to meet the highest demands of our customers with respect to design, mould making and manufacturing, and is also prepared for transfer of technical know-how and technology for syringe production to other countries. 

  • Parts design
  • mold manufacturing
  • Supply of manufacturing machinery
  • Making spare parts for European molds
  • Hunter Components Manufacturing
  • Industrial Production Line Establishment